Remember the epic dialogue “Maa ki Mamta ho sakti hai toh Baap ki Baapta kyu nahi?” of Amitabh Bachchan starrer Bollywood film ‘Satte Pe Satta’(1982) ?


Baapta is an informal term for paternal love in hindi language whereas Mamta means maternal love. Baapta is as important in a kid’s life as Mamta is, just the way a bad cop in the ‘Good cop Bad cop’ scenario cannot be neglected. (PS, I am not tagging fathers as bad). A father is the emergency rescue team kid’s need when moms are going fast and furious after them. A father is the first money lender in every kid’s life. A father is your muscle every time you encounter a bully in your life. A father is your teacher when you need life lessons. A father is quite a few things which a we need at various stages of our lives.


The Alpha of every family is a father, exactly the way a Lion is of his pride (family). A Lion takes care of his pride comprising of females and his cubs and protects them from other lurching lions who seek to harm his family. A Lion (father) does everything to defeat the evil strangers to save his family.


Mothers are often emotionally closer to the kids than the fathers. A mother gets more time with the offsprings than the father as every child needs maternal care in the first few years of their lives. Unlike our fathers, who are toiling every passing week as they miss out on the baby’s first and foremost babysteps. However, it is one of the many sacrifice fathers make in order to ascertain a better future and an enhanced standard of living.

Qualities of your Dad


A Father becomes the first motivation of every kid as he grows up and gains emotional intelligence. Kids tend to get that magical spark in their eyes when they see their dad going through his routine and achieving goals in life. The Dads are the heroes for the kids. Observe those young minds carefully and every once in a while you will be lucky enough to witness them imitate their fathers’ mannerisms. Fathers unknowingly leave an unmatched impression on them which eventually plays a key role in developing their overall personality.

The ‘Father’ species is known to feel content and elated by juggling between work and life back and forth all the time to meet the demands of ever-increasing cost of living and fulfil the expectations of his beloved family. It is this selfless approach of every father which seldom gets highlighted or appreciated by us.
Convey a heartfelt, “Daddy, you the best!” more often than just when he gifts you an iPhone. Let your hero know that his numero uno fan loves and adores him.

Happy Fathers’ Day to the Alphas all around the World !