Life lessons are often the hardest things to learn as they generally take place when there is a turning point or twist in the story of our life. Aren’t we all learning something or the other from people we are interacting with on a daily basis? The most interesting fact is, there is no age, sex, caste or religion bar when it comes to learning. In contrast, if you happen to be in your 30s or lesser age, you might be able to imbibe these lessons to lead a good life. For what we do after reading these lessons is the deciding factor to lead a successful life. For example, one might read the quote, “success comes to those who work hard”, but if after reading the quote, one doesn’t work hard, then how can this quote be of any value to the reader? Similarly, all life lessons appear to be quoted to us as long as we apply those quotes in our daily life.

Life Lessons

Image Source: Atchuup

Aren’t these just so truly experienced and deciphered? Of course! An 80-year old man has all the wisdom gathered through his life experiences which have turned into lessons for us. If we can apply these lessons, even half of them, we will surely find success in everything we do. From friendship to choosing a life partner, from moments of despair to enjoying oneself, he has lived it all. Have you heard the quote – “to know the road ahead, ask those coming back”? This holds true when we reflect on the lessons mentioned above. Isn’t it? Especially, one who reads these lessons before the age of 30 or just in the 30s, can act wisely.

When we are young, we tend to throw ourselves into whatever feels new, in planning a new business, a new partnership, finding true love, building a new house or taking on more responsibilities. Instead, if we don’t rush and just let life do its course of unfolding at its own sweet pace, wouldn’t it be great? You might say, that there is always a ‘right’ time, who said? Those who are conditioned to believe that there is a ‘right’ time for a certain thing are the ones who rush. And, those who rush things cannot guarantee a successful outcome either! For example, many people are in a hurry to get married before 30, I have seen many people who have taken the time to understand their own needs, their soul searching and then settle for a partner who matches their way of thinking.

Particularly, this is the reason why in fast-paced professions like acting or entertainment industry, we see people marrying co-stars after giving much thought about their companionship. As human beings, we tend to choose people whom we like instinctively and not forcefully, just for the sake of tying the knot since we are nearing 30!

In a nutshell, life lessons exist so that we can take better decisions and teach others when they really need it. If you liked the quotes, do let us know in comments. We are waiting to hear about your life lessons!