Keywords is the term which is entered by the user in search engine to find information. In google two types of information are displayed. One is organic and other is the paid search result. Organic or Paid results are displayed only when they match with searched query. With the help of search engine optimization technique, you can rank in any search engine be it Google or Bing. For Paid result, you must advertise in Google with help of Google Adwords. In Bing search engine, marketers can do with Bing Ads. Paid search results work on cost per click model. Advertisers must pay whenever there is click on their Ads. Before I jump into negative keyword. Lets first discuss about Keyword options in Google Adwords.

Keyword options in Google Adwords

Broad Match

Broad Match Modifier

Phrase Match

Exact Match

Negative Keywords are not much cause of concern when you rank in Google. These are free visitors and you never know that these free visitors can become prospects in future. If your paid advertisements are popping up on negative keyword it simply means you are wasting your money.

You have developed a software product which you want to promote via Google