Let us plan the first few steps of this long distance journey called Running.
Buy a pair of shoes, branded running attire and then head outdoors, is that it?
That’s pretty much the basic idea. Running is simply defined as putting your foot in front of the other foot. Your body is not accustomed to such a kind of physical thrashing which is why one needs to absorb some basic running tips and knowledge before enthusiastically sprinting your first few meters (with Mr Bolt on the mind) only to run out of steam at the 20th meter.

Run-Walk-Run: This running technique is as easy as it sounds. One needs to run for a few minutes and then break into walking for a time shorter than what you ran for followed by running again. Repeat this cycle for 5 times or more depending on how feel. Ideally restrict yourself to 10 such rounds.

Conversational pace: In order to understand at what pace should one run which is not too fast or too slow, imagine yourself communicating with another person while you run. Now try to gauge the pace which allows you to have a conversation and run simultaneously without getting out of breath is ‘your pace’. Stick to this running pace.

H2O: Running makes every person aware about how important water can be. Hydration, before-during-after the run, must be taken care of. Ensure adequate water consumption close to the days of the run. Invest in a 500 ml easy to grip bottle to carry during runs.

Be-Aware: A runner engaged in music or an interesting conversation with a fellow runner could temporarily lose sense of the surroundings which is a serious issue. For safety purpose, it is vital to be always alert of whatever is happening around you to escape any unfortunate incident. Running in a controlled environment like gardens or a running track is an ideal place for running.

These fantastic 4 beginner’s pointers are bound to give you a good and safe start.

Go lap those kilometers/miles already, what are you waiting for buddy!