Website audit, it simply means an analysis of website with tools. With this analysis, you get report of all the errors and missing elements which are not letting the website rank in search engine. Primary goal of website audit is to improve overall performance of website in search engine.


Benefits of website audit

Common SEO Errors in New Website

Few people know that SEO and website development go hand in hand. If any business owner develops website without taking consultation of an SEO person. There are chances that website will have few errors. One of the common errors I have come across in new website is of URL structure. Developers have no idea about URL structure. They don’t follow any norms while naming URL.

Maximum new website has canonical issues. To be honest not all websites are fast. Most often SEO person instruct coders to make website fast. Web developer’s duty is to create the application they are least bothered about search engine friendliness.

Website grows so does the errors

If you have started doing SEO on your website. Your business is bound to grow. Business does not only grows with SEO. There are many marketing medium which you can use to grow your business. Almost all marketers focus on SEO. SEO is one of the most cost effective way to grow your business. Once your website start ranking. It will stays there. There won’t be sudden drop in ranking unless some major algorithmic changes has been done from search engine. This is like an one time investment for long term gain at the same time you shall must check your website at regular interval.


Above mentioned tweet so apt with search optimization work. Not all errors are easy to fix. You will have take consultation of tech people. With time your website will grow. The technique to improve ranking is correlated with content marketing. If you are constantly posting blog on your website. By that standard also your website is growing.

Common SEO errors as the Website become OLD

Irrelevant content – Your website should have unique content. Unique content does not mean you start writing content which are not related to your business. Irrelevant contents are also unique but of no use to your website. You will get visitors but there will be less chances of visitor turning into customer. You must write content which are relevant for your business. With irrelevant content, your business will rank on irrelevant keywords.

Missing title tags and Meta Description – This happens due to negligence. In some cases, it also happens due to some coding errors in website. In hurry, you might publish page or post without checking all the thing.

Missing Quality Link – If you are missing quality links there are chances that you are also missing ranking in Google. Still it is one of the relevant thing which helps in ranking. There are many SEO audit tool which helps you find your competitor backlink. These tools also suggest your websites to get backlink from.

Duplicate content – Content plays key role in search ranking. You can not copy and paste content from another website. You must write content for your website. At the same time, it is not advisable to use your own written content in two different web pages. This practice will also cause content duplicity. Sometimes unknowingly this issue can be generated in your website. If you want to keep a different URL of any page. You created the URL and did not redirect the old URL to new URL with 301 redirect. This will also cause issue of duplicate content.

Manage Internal Links – You need web pages with relevant content for ranking in search engine. You create web pages on your website in thousand which describes about your business and have relevant keywords. Now, you must interlink all these URLs. Internal linking must be done in right way. You must keep your pages to 3 – 4 clicks. More than 4 files deep are not a good thing. Fix this issue so that your web pages get indexed in search engine easily.

Broken Links – Any link which throws 404 errors are considered broken links. Broken links are also of two types. Internal broken links and external broken links.

If the website is in multiple language. You might find some issues with hreflang values. Sometimes, hreflang conflict within page source code. For international SEO it is mandatory to fix this issues.  Hreflang might cause content duplicate issues.