What sales person does in marketing Content does same in online marketing. If you are planning to do online marketing then you must do content marketing because now it is integral part of online marketing. Curating/creating a content is a big deal. You need to have a content marketing strategies for your content promotion. Without a proper plan, it won’t give you fruitful results. All business owners are creating content on regular basis but very few are using content effectively. There are many ways which needs to be taken care of before you publish any content on blog.

Blog is the best place to publish new content. You need to know what kind of content can be promoted. There are various types of content which are created.

Content needs to be promoted on Social Channels.

Any content needs to be promoted on social channel.

SEO part can’t be ignored while creating content.

While creating content you need to keep SEO points of view in mind. Because nothing can beat organic traffic. If you create content which starts ranking on certain key phrases it is good for the business. These types of content will give you consistent traffic.

Keyword research needs to be done before writing content.

Publishing Content at Regular Interval matter most.

You can not expect result by publishing content once in a while. You need a plan or a calendar where you have fixed a date to publish content. You can also customize your content calendar during holiday time. If you are promoting content geographically, you can make some changes in calendar according to their festive time.