In an era where people socialize Online rather than Offline, where more entrepreneurs are born than employees and where ‘Are you a team person’ is an important question in a personal interview, Extroverts are possibly the most preferred type of people in different scenarios. Seldom would you come across a guy who would want to befriend an introvert who appears shy and aloof.

We all believe that one can be an extrovert or an introvert, however that’s not the truth. All of us lie somewhere between the two extremes of a spectrum, namely Extroverts and Introverts. Nobody is entirely an extrovert or an introvert. We cannot generalize Introverts as shy and Extroverts as talkative people. Introverts are basically the ones who experience falling energy levels while socializing with people, whereas Extroverts gain energy from the same. This can ideally be the simplest form of understanding of these two types of people.
Introverts face a hard time in their lives as they are often perceived as shy and unapproachable everywhere they go including a family function, school party or casual gathering of friends. With an increase in age, the expectation from an introvert simultaneously rises from the people around. In such cases, an introvert could either succumb to the pressure causing him or her to feel restless and sometimes undergo depression. Alternatively, some introverts choose to fake extroversion for a short period of time for social acceptability. This definitely makes them unhappy and bordered on the inside, but it does the job for them temporarily.

For an Extrovert, the world greets them with open arms as this type of people are interested in communicating with others and look forward to creating new friendships, which is a plus for any party or an event. Extroverts are known for their knack of starting a conversation and ensuring not a single soul near them feels ignored.

Before you start listing your friends between these two kinds, allow me to introduce you to Ambiverts which are loaded with the qualities of extroversion and Introversion. For an instance, an Ambivert feels good having a conversation with people in a party but would certainly feel the need to leave the place after a couple of hours. Ambiverts are the moderate version of both an extrovert and an introvert.

It is a fact that the Ambivert population being the highest amongst all the types. Being an Ambivert provides you with an advantage of sorts in career, social and other aspects of life, over the other two types. They are the best kind of people to hang out with although have also considered the most boring kind by in general.

Ideally, we must be equipped with simple yet effective tips in order to tactfully encounter an Introvert, Extrovert or an Ambivert. Here’s what should NOT be done while dealing with an Introvert
Treat them as if they are fragile
Expect them to be introverted all the time
Provide ‘how to communicate’ guidance
And how to handle an Extrovert
Let them talk
Feel free to contribute to the conversation
Use signs of affection as they communicate with you
Ambiverts are the easiest to deal with so approach them anyway you prefer.
So where do you belong…


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