There are many different marketing methods which marketers use to gain new prospects. One such direct marketing method is Drip Marketing. In this form of marketing mails are sent over period with marketing information. The main motive of these mails is nurturing lead with time. An Email Life Cycle campaign is also known as Drip campaign. Mails are not sent without any event. Mails are triggered only when an event occurs. Manually it is not possible to send emails over period while judging the behaviour of your prospects. Marketing automation tools are very much helpful in setting up a Drip campaign. To make your campaign successful it is highly recommended to track customer journey.

Drip Marketing – An Email Life Cycle campaign

Drip marketing is a concept which is like life cycle campaign. People signup, they do their first purchase, some become repeat customer and some forget to come back on website. Life cycle campaigns are based on types of customer. There are three types of life cycle campaign. Early lifecycle, mid lifecycle, and late lifecycle. You cannot send similar mails to all your customer. There are engagement patterns which is shown by customer on that basis you can keep these customers into different lifecycle campaign. To put it briefly, there is no point sending welcome series mails to your regular customer. This is the reason it is advised to recognize your customer.

Now your customers are categorized. The next part of successful drip campaign in email marketing is a good strategy. Sending email on time is not the only thing to consider in drip campaign. Click through tracking is must. This will help you understand how successful your email marketing has been. See the below image. It shows how automation can be used to send email.


Once you are added to the list you are sent an email. Then there is a delay option of four days. After four days another mail will be sent if you have interacted with certain URL. These emails are designed in advance and will be sent only when there is certain event.

Email Automation Tool

Automation in marketing is not a new thing. Email automation software helps you create drip campaign for your business. Look at the image below. The term multiple conditions you see is one of the feature of email automation software. It helps in setting a condition while creating drip campaign. You sent an email. Now you want to send different emails to those people who have opened your mail and different mail to those who did not open your mail. With the help of multiple condition you can achieve this.

Email Automation