We can not deny the fact that backlinks play major role in ranking keywords. It has been a talk of the town in SEO industry for quite a long time. Mat Cutts then Google Spam head made it clear in this video that Google has been working on its alternative but they have not come with any solution yet. Only backlink won’t help you in keyword ranking, there are other factors also. Will discuss regarding that in other write up. For now, let focus on how to increase backlink by off page SEO.


Off Page SEO Activities

Natural link building is the best way to do link building. Never ever carried away by all the flashy advertisement where they claim they will give you 1000 backlinks in so much dollar. These kind of link generation is not going to help you rather there is high chance of your website getting banned from google. Unnatural links never help, they only help in damaging your website reputation.

Content plays major role in off page activity. Without content there are very less thing which can be done.

Blog – It is definitely going to help you. Blog gives your website an exposure to different world.

There are many other activities which you might come across when you start working for your link building.

Article Submission – There was a time when it was one of the prominent facctor for link building. You can not do more of this activity. You can create content and can submit in few article submission website.

Business Listing – Listing your website in these websites help your website in being popular in shorter time.

Directory Submission – This practice is not active anymore. There are handful of website where you can submit your website. Like adding your website in dmoz directory will not do any damage to your website. It is all up to you how do you use your skills to find directory where you can submit your website.

Profile Creation – There are many website’s where you can create profile. You can generate backlinks from there also. These types of website generally ask for your personal details. There you will find an options to add your website/Blog. You can add there.

Classifieds Submission – Adding website in classified is good especially if you are a eyeing for local customer. Website like Craiglist drive local traffic. Your business will get exposed to new prospects as well you will be getting one backlink from these website.

Forum Submission – There are many forums which gives you do follow backlinks.


Off Page Seo Activities
Off Page Seo Activities


Guest Blogging – One of the best way to built backlinks and make your website/blog popular in lesser time. Guest blogging is also called content outreach. I have listed guest blogging sites. You can find website for your niche audience from there.
Press Release Submission – Not every time you can do press release submission. It can be done only when you have something to announce. You can announce either your new product or anything which you consider relevant enough to be shared on these platform.

Social bookmarking – Comparison to earlier times its popularity in SEO has decreased. But still it has not lost its charm. Do more research in finding quality website before you submit any thing.

Question Answer – These types of websites are wonderful platform. Here you can answer and at the same time you can drop your link if only the content of the website is relevant to the question. Never ever share anything which is not relevant to answer.

Blog Commenting – One of the prominent way to generate backlinks. There are many blog where you can comment and get quality backlinks.

Web 2.0 Submission

Power Point – Converting your content into Power point has also become fashion. Now a days people love to read contents where there are less to read. You can create content depending on your creativity.

Infographic Submission – There is an old adage that, picture is worth a thousand words. Infographics are data in pictorial format. Facts and figure can be converted into an interactive image. Which is distributed over many network. There are quality website where you can share your infographics. This helps you in sharing your content in different way.

Local Business Listing – List your website in business listing website. There are many business listing website where you can add your website.

Image sharing – Image sharing is also good. It helps you in branding. Instagram is a good place to share images it helps you in branding. Sometimes it can help you in driving traffic. Images on your blog or webpages needs to be optimized. Image optimization is required for better seo. You can read about image optimization on this article. Image optimization for Better SEO

Video sharing – It depends on the kind of industry you are promoting. To create a quality video is a costly affair.

You can increase backlink by Off Page SEO activities. Ultimately what matter most is the kind of content you are sharing on any platform.