“ Good Moorrneeeeeeeng Teeeachaaaar ! “
The rhythm students opt for every single time a teacher enters the main doorframe of the classroom. It just comes naturally to students, doesn’t it?
Classrooms are where young minds are influenced in more than one way and characters develop under the watchful guidance of the teachers. Classrooms are also where students encounter examination stress, peer or social pressure and parental expectations.

Study to Learn
A Student’s life is not a Child’s play anymore.
But there is Hope!
Let me introduce you to 5 most effective Life Hacks or tricks which will make sure that you end up studying not just harder but smarter than ‘Sharmji ka Beta’ who is comparatively better than you (information source: your mom-dad).

Scent Effect :
Go buy yourself an unfamiliar scent from the market. Spray it while you are studying. On the day, spray it on yourself just before beginning the test.
What For ?
It will jog your memory which will enable better recollection of everything you have studied.
Alternatively, opt for a different or weird flavoured chewing gum instead of a scent.

Colourful :
The books given to students have nothing beyond various shades of black and white even when a picture is displayed. It seems like the study materials were meant to test every student’s patience rather than offering them knowledge. Try colour coding the textbooks which will help you tremendously in your studies.
What For ?
Colours will make the fonts in the textbook appear not so boring anymore. Only if your retina could speak, it would definitely thank you for adding colour to its life.

Digital/Online lectures :
We are experiencing the 21st century where everything has a digital alternative. Many a times, students are asked to access a video recording of a lecture given by the teacher for various reasons. Add some instrumental music at very low volume as you go through such lectures.
What For ?
It kills the boredom created by the digital lectures which lack personal interaction as lectures are recorded.

Test Drive :
With the help of Mr Know-It-All ‘Google’. Type in “site:edu [subject] exam”. Voila (aka Haila) ! A list of sample tests have populated your monitor.
What For ?
Just the way we test drive a car before buying it, take your memory on a test drive as well.

Unplug :
It is recommended to block those sites on your web browser, which you often access for pass time.
What For ?
Social Networks and other websites are to students what Menaka was to Vishwamitra. Don’t sweat! Here’s the link to get the reference so made.
This will make sure you stay away from endless hours of social networking.

Dear students, implement these Life Hacks aka Jugaads to ensure fruitful study sessions instead of being an average ’Raju’ who sucks big time each time a test is conducted in his academic life.

All The Best !