If you belong to the 90’s or the time before that, you have experienced a life where social media did not exist. A phenomena which changed the way human beings lived forever. Everything now has an element of social media involved. What social media has done to us is exactly what the famous Japanese cartoon series Pokemon did to the kids. Most of the human race is consumed by it, to say the least.

Life Before Social Media

Social media army includes facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, pinterest and quite a few others. Now whether these have modified our lives for the better or the worse is a subjective topic. But for the ones who have lived a life sans them, they feel that the difference is huge. There was a time when emails ruled the world of internet as far as online communication was concerned. It was primarily to check emails that people used internet. Emails were the rage back then just as social media is now.

Mobile phones were used for either calling or checking emails which is why Blackberry was the choice for corporate folks. Courtesy social media, not only did Blackberry has lost its market share but users have been using mobiles mostly for purposes beyond calls.

People were less interested in each others personal lives. In the social media era, it is all about how much people approve or disapprove of your lifestyle and opinions about various things. The need to get likes, retweets, followers, members, views, comments and what not has surpassed the need to lead a life that is self-fulfilling. Social media has converted many of us into critics. We comment on and criticize everything on social media.

A business owner had it sorted before the social media changed the definition of marketing. Print media, television and hoardings were what marketing comprised of. With millions of people thriving online more than offline nowadays, businesses have taken to marketing online in different ways to attract these social media crazy eyeballs towards their e-commerce websites. A business has to worry about its online presence all the time now to engage its audience.

We must meet our friends offline in order to avoid the damage that is being caused by living online. Click To Tweet

School kids also feel the need to be present online rather than being present on the playground after returning home from school. Instead of asking for a candy from his mom, the 7 years old kid demands an Iphone so that he can play Candy crush and beat his friends record score. Outdoor games are seldom preferred by kids. Although they do play with each other from the comfort of their homes sending funny images, videos and many other multimedia messages.

We must meet our friends offline in order to avoid the damage that is being caused by living online. We must let our personal lives stay personal by not sharing everything on the world wide web. We must share our feelings with parents, siblings or friends instead of on social media with strangers. It is high time we neutralize the effect of this phenomena and stop the casualties it is causing.

Our lives revolve around social media instead of being ‘socially present’, we are present on social media. It is not a problem if you login to social media but it is a problem if you fail to logout once in a while.

Life before social media was

Offline > Online

So instead of living

Online > Offline

Let’s ensure that

Offline = Online

Lets Logout every once in a while….