In a boring work life situation when you are struggling to leave the bed every morning, this quote by Dale Carnegie most probably holds a true meaning –

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

Now, of course, the logical part of your brain might say, “work motivation comes from within” and might argue that millions of people are going to work in the hope of achieving an envious promotion one day or to get recognition, but, I argue, is that really what you want? Are you following other’s footsteps or mending a new path for others to follow?

Deciding whether you are a Follower or a Leader

Work motivation is not a mandate for those who already have it. But, those who believe that they can meet expectations better next time, that “next time” creates a lot of ripple in their lives, afraid of taking necessary steps to change the situation and benefit oneself in the long run. Saji Ijiyemi once said,

You were hired because you met expectations, you will be promoted if you can exceed them.

This quote resounds with the “rat race” in the corporate world, perfectly so, that people who work in competitive environments will nod their heads to their bosses even if their bosses are mean & overtly demanding. Corporate life teaches us that there is a huge difference between these two words – encouragement and exploitation. When your boss pats your back for your contribution, that’s encouragement and when he asks you to sit in the office for hours beyond working hours for no compensation whatsoever, that’s exploitation. At this point, you need to understand whether you are being encouraged or exploited. Pay close attention to the behaviour of your peers and seniors towards you. Pay attention to your reactions. Are you a follower who wants to obey orders and follow the herd or are you a leader, who wants to lead?

Fresher Vs Experienced Professionals

Sean Maher Quote

For a fresher, work motivation is a very crucial factor. They need absolute guidance on workplace ethics and encouragement on maintaining a good conduct at the workplace. Whether that comes through a guardian at home or through the HR or manager, they eventually need to learn the “rules” of the corporate world. Sure, the first job is always a thing which made most of us nervous, but if we keep learning good things from good sources, we will be able to accomplish much in life. Most importantly, a fresher doesn’t need to run for the big goal, instead, take notes all along the way and make big ideas happen. The first few years in a corporate environment is all about earn and learn. While after achieving a substantial amount of knowledge in a particular field, one can say just like Mike Gafka,

To be successful you must accept all challenges that come your way you can’t just accept the ones you like. 

The resolve to face the challenges upfront and to determine to win at all costs is what makes us a victor in life.

How Can One Get Motivated At Work

The best thing to start finding the answer to this question is to introspect whether one is following a mentor or senior who knows better than him when it comes to “climbing up the ladder”. What is one’s intent? Is it to gain money, fame, and achievements through one’s work or the sheer pleasure of knowing that one brings value to the organization they are working for? Being a professional, are you taking the right steps to achieve your dreams? Or are you running behind someone else’s dream? I would like to quote Mr. Steve Jobs here to help find motivation in whatever you do,

Motivational Quotes for work

Remember, if you want to start your own business, start from scratch, enhance your skills and set goals. If you want to become better as an employee, you can always start from this moment on. The word “motivation” is what sets us on fire, irrespective of the fact that we are receiving applauds or not. If you are willing to give your hundred percent to one single task and accomplish it till the end, you are “motivated”. Don’t wait for other’s to criticize as their primary job is to poke their nose into your business and show you how it’s done.

When you are unemployed, weekends are seven days long.― Mokokoma Mokhonoana.

So, when you decide to quit your job to build something better for yourself and your family, believe in yourself and keep walking towards your goals until you accomplish them one by one, that is the key to finding success.