70s are proclaimed as the golden era of boxing by many critics and fans. Mainly because of the legendary champions and their clashes. The sport has seen a lot happening even after that in the ring but there is something which is special about the era. Ken Norton, Joe Frazer, George Forman, all seemed to be characters right out of fantasy fiction and the world went insane for clashes. But there is one champion who stood out, who will never fade away with time. His flamboyance, determination and courage can be inspirational to all those who are fighting no matter what.  He dominated the boxing scene for 2 decades and continues to inspire the world to be courageous and believing in self. Mohammad Ali is truly the Greatest. A lot has been said written and published about the champ.  A mere attempt to pen down the champs life lessons here: 


There comes a moment in everyone’s lives where it kills you from the inside watching others progress in life while yours resembles an ECG graph of a dead person, constant and unchanged. Everyone seeks success and hopes of being prosperous. The ones who merely keep dreaming of such success are not the recipient of it. Success walks towards you only when you start walking towards it. According to Ali, dreaming is not sufficient, getting up and working for it is. Every successful entrepreneur or an employee you know has worked way beyond her/his individual capacity to earn that success. There are no freebies in life.

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There are no such things as easy challenges. Regardless of whether we were born with a golden, silver or bronze spoon that one must be born with, nobody is exempted from encountering hardships in their lives. We easily refer many such situations as impossible. That way the guilt not dealing with obstacles of life is avoided by many. Ali believes only those who are weak from within resort to such measures. As per him, an impossible situation or task is an opportunity to test one’s potential. It is merely a state of mind which makes us perceive a given task as impossible. Be it your professional career or academic life, one can always achieve what seems impossible at present. Just believing it’s doable can do wonders.

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Our minds are at work 24-7 without any national holidays or sick leaves to enjoy. The ones who can control their minds and the thoughts manufactured out of it have a better control of their lives than the others. Ali reckons the thoughts of our mind have the power to eventually mould us according to it. For example, a person expecting defeat in a quiz competition has more chances of losing than the ones who believe they can go on to win the 1st prize. So the thoughts of your own mind have the potential to make you into the kind of person you wish to become. Think right and positive to reap benefits of your thinking effect.

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There are multiple ways in which a person can experience the emotion of fear. Fear is subjective as every person is born with a unique set of characteristics. Many claim to be fearless and appear to be never afraid of anything. This is one of the biggest lies that many quote to portray themselves as fearless and brave as Hercules. A person always has fears of various things or scenarios which is nothing to be ashamed of. It is natural to be fearful. Fear actually helps as only with fear can one aim of conquering it by mustering enough courage over a period of time, says Ali. Fear teaches one to be brave, gradually and eventually.

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Life has become materialistic all the more in ever since the introduction of social media to mankind which has opened the door of endless devices and gadgets which keep us connected to internet at all times. People seek pleasure in possessing the latest device be it a smartphone, laptop or any other type of social media friendly gadget. The never-ending need to have a better lifestyle and materialistic things than the neighbor or a friend is the approach quite a few in this world are using to stay motivated. However, the happiness derived from materialistic items are short lived and hence never enough. Ali suggests we must learn to escape this obsession as it ensures overall development in life. One benefits beyond financially by discarding the hunger for materialistic things in life.