Re-market means to target those visitors who has visited  your website and for some reason they did not interact with the website much which you can consider as conversion. You can re-market these traffic with Google Adwords.

Why business owner should remarket organic traffic?

Traffic which lands on website from search engines are the most relevant one. You rank on search phrases which are relevant to your business. So, visitors from organic traffic are considered the most genuine traffic. If you target these traffic there are high chances that they will convert and help you in generating more revenue for your business. In order to target organic traffic from Google Adwords, you need to link Google Adwords account with Google Analytics account.

Link Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

Login to your Google Analytics account. Once you are logged in to Google analytics, you will see ADMIN in menu section. Click on Admin, there will come different window, where you will see three TAB by the name Account, Proprety and View. Carefully choose in which account you want to change the number.


Now the next step you have to choose the Adwords account on which you want to run organic traffic.



Next you have to click on define audience. Screen will look similar like this.


After that the screen will similar like this.


As you click on new audience you will there will be a panel which will look like below mentioned image. Here, you will have to create audience.


After selecting source/Medium the window will look like this.



Now login into your google adwords account.




It will help you in achieving more tips.

You can run a display campaign to remarket your organic audience. Create a beautiful image in these different sizes