Creating account on social media does not take much time. All you need is to click on sign-up link and fill the form with basic details. There are many social media websites available on internet. They all have their own niche audience. Facebook stands tall among all social media because it has largest audience. It’s popular among masses. Having an online presence for business is a clever idea in this digital age. At the same time, there is no guarantee that you will be able to generate leads from social media just because you have an online presence. All social media doesn’t work in similar fashion. They have separate set of audience and their features are different. You can follow below mentioned social media strategy to make your blog famous.

As I said all social channels are not same. First you need to understand which social media take what type of content.

Most of social media has this option of hashtag. These hashtags mean trending topics.

Social Media Strategy To Make Your Blog Famous

Don’t post only about your blog all the time. Give your audience respite. Create some memes post them from your account. Try to engage your audience with different activity.

Having a content calendar is a must. You can’t expect to grow audience without being consistent with your post. You must post from your social handle on regular basis. Depending on your resource, you can create content and publish on your blog.

Schedule post is necessary. Your post will be published even when you shall be doing other work. There are many tools available on internet. You can schedule your post on Twitter and Facebook with tweet deck and Facebook schedule respectively.

Don’t forget to republish your post. It’s not necessary all your followers are online the time you publish your post. That’s why you should republish your post. This will help you gain visibility other time.