If we are supposed to believe a fossil study that suggests man was born to run, each one of us should be able to run a good few kilometers without gasping for breath.

The day you actually run is when you realize why running sport has been sarcastically defined as “Your Sports punishment is my sport”. A trained runner can afford to smile at a photographer seeing her through his lenses as she glides past you at 5 min pace. You immediately argue with the almighty & your genetics for making you fat or being slow.

Is your euphoria for running falling rapidly after reading all of that? Good! Because that is exactly what will help you dodge the bullet of doing ‘too much, too fast, too soon’.

Running is a simple & easy sport which could potentially get complicated & complex for a person who is new to the sport. A google search for ‘running tips’ would mean bombarding yourself with plethora of information which you do not need yet. These 5 crucial ‘things to be aware of’ is all what a new runner needs to know to commence this life-changing journey of running.

Your New Best Friend – Running Shoes
Not just any shoes but running shoes. The most important aspect of running which no one can deny is investing in the shoes which consider your feet & body type. Buy the ones that your feet feel good in rather than opting for pricier ones. One can follow the basic rules available online on ‘how to buy running shoes’ but rest of the criterias are unique for every runner. So be extra thoughtful when you go shoe-shopping.

Triple-headed ‘Too’ Monster
Too fast-Too soon-Too much! Set a goal either in terms of distance or pace. If you set a pace. Gradual progression is the key to improve your running capability. Allow yourself a year or two in order to experience a growth in your running performance.

Break It Down
Your untrained body & heart are experiencing stress like never before as you run through those kms. It is only wise to adapt to a ‘run-walk-run’ tactic where you run for 5 mins & then walk for 1 min, only to resume running again for 5 mins & so on. The time limits can be altered as per your preference & with regular practice the walk-time will decrease.

Safety First
You are running to improve your health & not to damage it. Which is why it is mandatory to select a route or path which is safe to run. Safety measures including to run against the traffic flow, avoid isolated areas to run & being alert of your surrounding all the time. A heart or an asthmatic patient must seek physician’s advice before running their first kilometer. Practice safety throughout your running activity.

Eat Right & Feel Good
Congratulations! Your body is burning calories now & the transformation has begun. With so much of hard work, our body may run out of fuel. It needs adequate nutrition to be able to recover from the muscle soreness of the previous run. Either consult a nutritionist or stick to eating right and home-cooked meals. Eating right ensures your body does not burnout midtraining.

If there was a “Beginners’ Bible” for running sport, this is would be it. Now lace up & get out of that front door to start experiencing the most ideal metaphor of life,
…..Running .