No matter what your age is or which exam you might be preparing for, the word ‘Exams’ cause an unnatural increase in the heart beats per minute of every student. Of course, there are exceptions like Harry Potter who perpetually stress out even when not preparing for an upcoming exam (courtesy Voldemort).

Exam Preparation

Since you are reading this article, it is conclusive that exams are coming up and you are seeking ideas to prepare for them Like a Boss. Without wasting any more time, here are the tips which will be your ammunition against exams and its army of questions.

  • Memorizing : Sometimes there’s just way too much to read and grasp in a limited amount of time. Your brains are on the verge of a burnout. Try out these quick fix memory tricks.
    – Approach the preparatory phase of every exam as if you will be teaching the material to someone. This will enable better grasping and understanding capacity.
    -Associating items at your home with whatever it is you wish to memorize. For ex, Photosynthesis with Tulsi plant.
    -Moving eyes left and right for 30 seconds scientifically improves retrieval of memory. Plus, it also calms you down.
  • Bedtime Goodtime : It is only when you get your sleeps regularly that whatever was read and memorized is retained by your brain. When your sleep routine is regular, you tend to remember better.
  • Lower Back Red Alert : Allow me to warn you in advance regarding the pain your lower back will be suffering due to the insane number of hours spent in sitting position while studying for exams.
    Stretch the pain out of your lower back. Regardless of your range of motion, just stretch as far as your individual capacity. Perform any one of these 6 stretches, 3 times for 30 seconds in the position displayed below to get relief.
  • Anti-social : We tend to get drawn towards Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and what not as exam preparation commences. Stop yourself from spending time on these time-sucking social media websites through ‘Leechblock’ addon which is found in Firefox browser. Similar plugins are available in internet explorer and google chrome browsers as well.
    There’s no denial of the fact that these tips are working wonders for your exam preparation. It is also a fact that how to encounter exams is a subjective matter. Sharmajee’s son might be able to cover the same amount of the textbook portion in half the time as you need for the same portion. Each one of us is hardwired uniquely. So study ‘your’ way even as you incorporate the above mentioned life hacks for exams.All The Best Champ !