Predicament follows when millennials are about to post their party pictures on Facebook (Fb) nowadays.  They don’t want their parents calling up and asking “when did you start drinking or who is that girl  with you in the picture!”. Fb is not young anymore, it has been around for long and gained so much popularity that it managed to bring in the very conservative parents and even grandparents of millennials into the social network. It is almost like your favorite hangout which became so popular that your parents started hanging out there too,well, in that case, it’s better we leave it all to them and move on right. But wait can we just forget all those flaunting we did, funny comment wars,and occasional spying on ex’s profile and move on.


Facebook is working hard on its features and algorithm to retain it’s charm and it is still the ‘big daddy’ of all social media platform with over 1 billion users. But things have changed in the social media scene, it’s a red ocean nowadays. Social media platform needs to be something new and happening for its users especially if it is targeting youth. Remember the time when facebook sprouted up, it was a sensation or a massive movement which we were all part of. People abandoned Orkut or where totally new to this virtual society. Many joined because it was the talk of the town and all their peers were on it. They thought it was not cool if they didn’t have an FB profile. It’s a hard time for facebook, the question is will it also face the same faith as it’s predecessor a.k.a Orkut.


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There are many factors which are making things worse for facebook than the obsolescence  factor.

Whatsapp: Whatsapp notifications should sound like death knell for facebook. Just give it a thought how much time do you spend in WhatsApp a day. If you are a normal person leading a normal life then probably you will be checking your notifications once in an hour. Whatsapp was the right idea at the right time, launched in 2009 WhatsApp has seen a phenomenal growth of 1000 million users as of February 2016. Much of the credit should go to ubiquitous smartphones, or in this case considering the scale of success of WhatsApp, we can also say that  both smartphones and WhatsApp  reciprocated to each other’s success and contributed to their growth.
The right time for WhatsApp was not so for Facebook, in fact, WhatsApp was the solution for almost all that users were complaining about Fb. Facebook had become a behemoth and people were getting tired of its mass public appeal they chose to be in the sweet oblivion of WhatsApp where they were happy with their handful of contacts. Grandparents continued to chase us to WhatsApp but they are chuffed in the family group which everyone has. The groups and personal messaging feature pleased everyone getting bored of Fb, they would turn to Fb only when they have something too irresistible to flaunt about  like.. getting married.

New platforms with niche specific features: What appears to be is that Social media platforms segmented the total user base of facebook and made different platforms bespoke for each niche. Selfie freaks can never miss Instagram like the desperate entrepreneur or job seeker on Linkedin and the dating freaks swiping all the way in Tinder.

Each new platform is a fresh new avenue offering different types of interaction and audience. Major new players  who are here to stay are as follows:



The privacy factor: Unless and until you feel like going out on the street with a microphone and yelling out about anything, you may not post something on facebook. It is good for the one whose life is all about traveling the world, buying new automobiles, hanging out with friends in cool places. But those people should also think from the shoes of those poor beings who never rake in so many likes and comments simply because their lives aren’t so flashy.  For them, facebook is a heartbreaker and that is why they quit.
But even if you are too proud about anything do you want it to be seen by the whole world. I mean people nowadays mandatorily check someone’s facebook profile before saying yes to a proposal. You might not want to carry your carefully built bad boy image to your family circle from the virtual world, but it’s sad that now the line between the virtual and real world is blurred. A facebook post has the reach of an advertisement, so be careful what you are posting because privacy settings of Fb won’t help if somebody really want to find out about you.