Retaining a customer is one of the most challenging thing in this marketing world. There is no guarantee that if someone has purchased will come back and again purchase from your website. You should understand that you are not alone in the market. Your competitor are constantly targeting audience with their mode of advertisement. One thing you need to remember, it doesn’t matter how big brand you are: people really have short memory. They will forget you, if you are not hitting in their eyes by different way of advertisement. Time and again it has been said that acquiring a customer is way costlier than retaining a customer. There are certain to do list for retaining a customer.

Internet marketing comprise lot of works.

Customer retaining is easy with Paid Marketing.

Paid Marketing gives you broader scope for marketing. Hence, it becomes easy to target customer through paid medium. Paid marketing open options of various thing. With paid medium you can re target your organic traffic as well. It gives you luxury to target on different metrics.

Retain Customer through Social Media.

Customer retaining is not an easy task through social media. Organically you can target the customer too. You will have to be creative enough to post thing on your business social profile that people actually care about. Each time you can’t post which is related to marketing. Now people are smart enough to understand which is marketing gimmick and when you actually care for those people who are associated with your brand. So before you compose tweet or write something for your Facebook post take note that you actually care for your follower. Then only you can expect that they will come back to see your post actually.

Social profiles also helps in communicating with your customer. You can call it a tool which further helps you in building relationship with your customer.

Stay top of mind with the Facebook News Feed

Make Consumers WANT to come back

Customer Service FTW

Create Relationships

Listen and Respond

Nothing can beat Email Marketing when it comes to retaining customer.

Email marketing is one of most conventional way of marketing yet it is efficient way for retaining a customer. Sending an email doesn’t do your job. For life cycle of an email campaign, you should have strategy. There are works like building an email template for different purpose.

There are different mode of marketing, it’s marketer who has the responsibility to find out which marketing channel is working for them. While doing any marketing activity you will have to be careful for not doing anything which is top of mind for negative reason.