All popular social media has now come with their analytic if not, in future they will. Now you are not only relying on Google Analytic or any other platform which has analytic. Now with respective analytic you can see how your post on Facebook page, tweet on Twitter, slide on Slideshare, pin on Pinterest or any post on LinkedIn is performing.

How to access your Twitter Analytics

You can login to twitter analytics account from here Twitter Analytics. Once logged in you will see a page like this.


Here you will see Top tweets, top mentions, top followers and tweets with photo got noticed. As you will scroll down the page it will keep showing you Tweet’s highlight from earlier months and all other details which i wrote in last sentence.

When you click on the second tab Tweets, this is how it is going to look a like.


Here, you can see, how your tweets have performed over the period of last 28 days. Impression of organic and promoted tweets are available on this page. The light orange color bar is of promoted tweet. This page will also give you insight of your individual tweets which you have been tweeting for last 28 days.


You will see individual tweet impressions, engagements and engagements rate.  There are four tabs in the above image. Click on each tab to check the different results it is showing. On right side there is vertical bar where Engagements, Engagement rate, Link Clicks, Retweets, Likes, Replies will get to see.

Twitter analytics function with three basic things like Impressions, Engagements, Engagement rate.

Impression is an appearance you get on your tweet. You can increase it by some engaging stuff, or by putting # tag in your tweet. If you think there is any word, which you can make trending then go ahead with this. It will help your tweet to reach maximum people. It is a wise decision to write tweet in a way so that you can put at least one # tag more than 3 # tag can ruin the feel of tweet. As it will not be readable.

Engagements – It is directly proportional to your content. What you have written in your content matter. If it reaches to your targeted audience there are chances that you will get more engagement. If your single line content is engaging then there are chances people are going to click on the link which you associate with your tweet.

Engagement Rate – Total number of Engagements * 100/Total Number of Impressions. It will show you exact figure of engagement rate. That this much percent you have

There are four different ways by which your audience is going to engage with your tweet.


Link Clicks, Retweets, Favorites and Replies let you understand your twitter engagement with audience.

Now the third Tab: Audience

This is one of the most important tab especially for the people who are using twitter for promotional purpose. They need to know whom they are targeting. Data from this page will help you in getting insight which will further help you to change your strategy for better performance. You can target new followers which are relevant for your business. This feature will help you in paid marketing a lot.

Twitter is the only platform which confines you when it comes to text. You have to say everything in just 140 characters. It compels you to think some creative thing and write something new so that you engages user at most with your tweet.

You can also check details of single tweet by clicking on following tweet. Once you click, popup window will open which will look like this:

So far Twitter has not come up with app for this analytics. But, you can also check tweet’s performance in Mobile.