As a marketer you keep looking for an option for driving traffic to website. No doubt organic traffic is the best traffic in terms of engagement. People land on your website while searching for some keywords. There is only one reason behind driving all traffic to your website. It is you want more lead. You want your visitors to engage with your website. This engagement further helps in lead generation. Email marketing is one such platform which marketers must not ignore. You can engage your audience with email marketing in more personalized way. In this age all websites use subscription form on their website. I am assuming that you all have email list in case you don’t have email list here in another write-up I have described how you can grow email list.

There are many ways to website engagement with email marketing. First, I shall be writing about how you can engage with new subscriber. You must send welcome emails to new subscriber, sign-ups or first-time purchaser. Sending emails to new subscriber will help you built an image for your business. It’s advisable to create a template for welcome emails. You can also use email marketing automation tool. These tools help you in scheduling emails. Email will be sent automatically once they subscribe.

Acquiring a new customer is always costlier than retaining a customer. There are different methods to retain a new customer. One of the effective way to retain customer is with email marketing. If you are an eCommerce website, you know well who your dormant customers are. You can target those customers with email marketing. You must dig some data before you start sending mail to your inactive customers. Sending random promotional mails won’t be helpful. You must check their purchasing pattern. Send mails of product which are closely related with their last or previous purchase. You can also send discount offers to your old customers. It will help you in driving direct traffic to your website.


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