We all do shopping when it is holiday time, especially during festival time. We all want to gift our beloved ones. This is the best time to do an email marketing to get your customer back to your store or to your eCommerce website.

Holidays are the time when you can awake your sleeping customer with email marketing. All are in the mood of ¬†shopping for some obvious reasons. Email Marketing can’t be ignored during holidays time.

You need to create a proper strategy for bringing your existing customer to your eCommerce store. Sending an email is not a big task. You have the contacts. You have got the software to send email marketing and you can send emails to whoever you want from your contact list. Is this going to be fruitful. I don’t think it will be fruitful.

Sending email based on previous product search or shopping cart abandonment will be great. Sending emails with text send gifts to your family or friends. Give them a surprise with your gifts can help a lot.