There is no shortcut to get followers and retweets on twitter. It depends on many things. I am using this platform for quite a long time. I have also not much followers. As I write this I have 350 followers on my twitter account. I will try to answer this question from my experience why I not gained followers despite using twitter for last six years. The question is why anyone will follow me on twitter or any other social platform.

Am I a celebrity?

Big No. I am not popular, so no one is bothered about my life. No one will be looking for my twitter account. Hence no default followers.

followers and retweets on twitter

What do I tweet about?

I mostly tweet about movies. Sometimes about my life experiences and in last about my profession internet marketing. If I find anything worth sharing. I share it with my account. Sometimes the gap between tweets are of a month. I have never been consistent with my twitter account. It also shows in twitter analytics. If you want to know how your tweets are performing you can find in this post. Check your Tweet Performance with Twitter Analytics.

In all these years I never tried to establish myself as a brand. This is one of the reason i did not get followers.

You won’t gain followers if no one is reading your tweet. Even if you are making sense with your tweets. There are certain ways you can reach to larger audience.

One of the way is to tweet with hashtag. Your tweet become trending once hashtag is added to tweet.

You can also take advantage of trending topics. You can tweet related to current trending topics. There are high chances that your tweet will reach to maximum audience. I am pretty sure if your tweet makes little sense you will get retweet as well as likes on your tweet.

Another way of gaining twitter follower is to follow and expect a follow back in return. First you follow then wait for 2 or 3 days if they don’t follow back, you can un-follow that account. I have read that there are tools available for this practice. I am not sure which tools work fine. You can search on your own.

As I said that I share things which I feel it is worth sharing. You can tag people if the subject is related with them. If they retweet you will get more retweets. There is an option of photo tagging as well.

Twitter Retweet

As you can see in the above image I tagged Mohan Das Pai. He retweeted it. I got retweets and like on that tweet.

This term “Troll”

This term “Troll” is very much popular on twitter. If you can do trolling, you will get followers. You must be witty and must have a good sense of humour.

You can also tell about your twitter presence on other social platform if you have an account. Like Facebook, Instagram etc.