Dreamnlead was started to become an informative resource that would be truly useful for the readers across target niches. Here we cover topics in various categories like Internet marketing, PPC marketing, Life Advice, Life Hacks, and more.

We wish to make this blog an essential resource and a tutorial hub that will be useful for people to improve the skills that can help them in their careers as well as personal lives.

How did it all start?

Let us know about the three men who conceptualized the starting of this blog. They work behind the scenes, but what drives our blog's fast progress and growth is their passion for learning and sharing information.

Mr. Sumit started his career as a desktop support engineer. Over the years, he mastered networking and server-related thing. Additionally, he has experience in designing images and social media marketing. He will be writing on affiliate marketing, social media, and networking topics in this blog.

Mr. Dev started his career as a link builder. Gradually over the years, he learned a lot about search engine optimization and internet marketing. Additionally, he has experience in marketing SaaS products. In this blog, he will be writing on digital marketing and related topics like PPC.

Mr. Mallik started his career as a web designer and has expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Angular Js. Even though our blog is fairly new, he has been working for many years for a mobile technology comparison website. In his spare time, he writes on emerging web design trends, which we will also be publishing on this blog.

What drives our enthusiasm?

When we started our careers, we had to put in a lot of effort to gather information to for doing our tasks more efficiently, and by spending lesser time. It was not an easy job to compile all the information, because there were limited resources those days. In many cases, we had to refer to multiple resources to come up with the right solutions. We have tried many things and had failed in many instances, but that did not stop us from our quest to learn and find the best solutions. All through our struggling days, we had documented our progress for analysis and process improvements.

Over the years, we have developed our knowledge to be rated among the best in the industry. Today, our works have helped innumerable clients in starting and growing their businesses online.

We stay abreast with the new developments and trends in technologies related to creating websites and extending their reach towards the target audiences. Our blog posts and step-by-step guides will help you in making the best strategies to increase your website traffic and sales conversions.

We aim to help people in finding the right solutions and tools that can help them in doing tasks accurately and in a lesser time-consuming way. Our reviews will help you in making the right choices while choosing from various tools that are available in the market today.

In this blog, we will be sharing a lot of articles, tutorials, reviews, descriptions, analyses, case studies, and best practices that will help beginners and professionals in improving their knowledge and skills across various categories.

Some of the top categories include

Internet marketing -

In this age of global digitalization, businesses cannot expect to make great gains by using the same old marketing strategies that worked well in the past. Internet marketing offers an excellent platform for even small companies to compete with the bigger fishes, and claim their market share. Check out our blog posts to learn how.

PPC Marketing -

PPC or pay-per-click marketing is a great way for businesses to gain instant popularity online, provided that the campaigns are backed with well-planned strategies. Without proper management, you could end up losing money instead of increasing your sales. Our articles will offer a lot of tips that can help you in maximizing the returns from your PPC campaigns.

Life Advice -

In this category, we talk about various aspects of personal development and ideas that promote wellbeing. We provide blog posts with potentially life-changing ideas. Here we talk about various things like relationships, personal lives, professional lives, careers, friendship, etc.

Life Hacks -

Life Hacks is another category on our blogs where we talk about various things that can help in making our lives easier. Here we talk about DIY projects, technology-related benefits, parenting advice, overcoming health issues, mindfulness, social skills, beauty hacks, etc...

With the increase in readership, we will be hiring some more handpicked writers to contribute to categories according to their expertise. Additionally, we will also be offering contextual backlinking opportunities for writers who wish to contribute as guest authors. They will need to follow the publishing guidelines for getting approvals.

We encourage our readers to engage with us with your comments and ideas. We are always open to feedback that can help us in improving this blog. This is a platform where we can help one another to get better in our careers and personal lives.

You could also join our social networks on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube and engage with us for custom solutions. Don’t hesitate to write to us if you wish to collaborate with us in any possible manner.