7 Awesome Life Hacks for Students


Every day in the life of a student brings with it a new experience. These experiences may come in the form of an obstacle or an opportunity, both of which would eventually play a crucial role in developing a student’s overall character.


As a student, you need tips & tricks to make it through the school or college days sans any hiccups. Instead of awaiting your peers to offer you guidance, help yourself by implementing these easy peasy lemon squeezy ideas.

Homework made easy

The never ending quest of finding ‘x’ is what Mathematics is all about. Regardless how academic scholar you might be, there are math problems which seem to have no solution. Instead of quitting on them, consider website ‘mathway.com’. One can post math problems on the website and expect to get a solution of the same. How cool, isn’t it? The registration for the site is free.

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Have no fear

Cliffsnotes.com is here: Your one stop solution to get all the guidance you need for standard subjects. Apart from the guidance, it also helps you with test preparation through mock tests on the searched topic. A student is bound to fall in love with this website considering its high utility.


With a 100% record of answering every question thrown at it, google again manages with an answer by providing a life hack for students. Put the text “site:edu Subject exam” in your web browser with the subject name in the ‘subject’ space. Voila!!! A list of web links appears in front of you which comprise of test papers on the subject you keyed in. Isn’t that just amazing? Say Adios to endless number of searches to discover mock tests online.

Hear me Out

WExhaustive reading is what a student does, be it before exams or in general, which may cause eye soreness. A setback no student wants during his exam’s preparatory phase. Let me introduce you to a solution called Text reading programs which are available in plenty. Such software simply read out the texts you provide to it. Now not only does this give your eyes some much-needed time out, but also continues with grasping the theoretical knowledge through listening.

Pomodro Method

Let’s indulge in some hacks for students which does not involve the World Wide Web. A time management method developed in the 80s is worth a try. Titled ‘Pomodro method’, it suggests following a pattern while studying which involves 25 mins studying and 5 mins break. The third break shall be about 20 mins. Try and check it out for yourself whether it works for you.

Goodnight Neuroglia

Neuroglia aka Brain cannot work efficiently beyond a certain limit. So just like a cruel boss, if you enforce your employee the brain to work beyond its capacity, your employee is bound to become lesser productive over time. In order to retain whatever was read, understood, and memorized by you during the day, one needs to sleep for 6-7 hours. Dodging the sleep bullet could mean facing the ‘How can I not recollect what I remembered yesterday’ bullet. So be nice to your neuroglia next time and let it doze off.

Keep calm

Over the past decade, the scoring in birds has amplified to such an extent a student scoring 102% has become a reality. The amount of competition to outscore your classmates or top the board exams is at its peak in current times. What needs to be told to these young fragile minds is that there is respite even after not being able to get your desired result. Many have built their careers by being average at studies. Everyone, starting from students to teachers and parents of course need to take a Chill Pill asap

One may find life hacks beyond the mentioned here online, but these are the ones from which people have benefited the most. Wish you have a great overall learning experience, students!

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There are erroneous amounts of disease in this world that are making human life difficult. There are erroneous amounts of disease in this world that are making human life difficult. There are erroneous amounts of disease in this world that are making human life difficult.

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