Financial Lessons we should not ignore – Set your Financial priorities right

Covid-19 has taught all of us some financial life lessons. The most common lesson has been financial security. Those who faced this financial problem due to loss of job or loss of business or for any reason have realized the importance of saving. Those who did not lose job have also realized the importance of saving money by seeing their surroundings. My father always used to tell me that Money is the force. How much money is necessary to survive depends on a person’s lifestyle. But this pandemic showed us what are the important things that you need to survive.

The reason you should stay invested in mutual funds for a long.

The very purpose of investment is to grow money. Once you make up your mind about investing, the second question that comes is the time horizon. If you are planning to invest in child education, marriage, buying a house, buying a car, etc… In these cases, you know the time frame. A time horizon is essential to growing your money. Investment is better than bank deposits, but it is not a lottery that you will be rich in quick succession. I will discuss with you guys what should be the time horizon for your mutual fund’s investment.

How to Deal with Negative People Before They Bring You Down

Everyone has been around negative people before. This is an experience that can be quite a ‘downer’. Develop some coping skills to use when you are around people that are negative. There is no one that hasn’t had a workmate or friend, even a relative who is extremely negative and at times are so very hard to deal with.

How to deal with loneliness! Let’s Try These Tips

Loneliness is different for most people – each person has heard various definitions of what it is. But being alone does not always cause loneliness as there are many who prefer just being by themselves. Others have this type of loneliness due to being raised as an only child or outliving all the members of their family.

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