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Email marketing is an essential component that you should include in your existing digital marketing strategy. It provides several benefits that help in the growth and expansion of the business. The best part is that this strategy doesn’t require a lot of budget.

26 Marketing Automation Glossary to understand its function

Marketing automation is fast-evolving technology, and it has proven its mettle. As a result, all seasoned marketers invest in different tools to leverage automation for their benefit. As technology is evolving for good, the terminology also changes. Here in this blog, we list marketing automation terms that you should know. These terms will also help you understand marketing automation and its functions. You might find some variation in words as we frequently see new platforms coming into play.

Drip Marketing – An Email Life Cycle campaign with Email Automation

Drip marketing is a concept that is like a life cycle campaign. People signup, they do their first purchase, some become repeat customer and some forget to come back on the website. Life cycle campaigns are based on types of customers. There are three types of life cycle campaigns. Early lifecycle, mid lifecycle, and late lifecycle. You cannot send similar mails to all your customers. There are engagement patterns which are shown by the customer on that basis you can keep these customers into different lifecycle campaign. To put it briefly, there is no point in sending welcome series mails to your regular customer. It would help you if you segment your customers.

Why does a seasoned marketer consider an email marketing automation tool perfect for lead generation?

Email is the most popular channel to engage with your audience. Seasoned marketers are aware of email marketing’s importance among all channels. If you are using email as one of the mediums for marketing, now is the time to move to marketing automation software. The reason I am saying to move to marketing automation software is that this is a powerful tool. This software is built for lead generation. I am listing down fundamental reasons why a marketer should use email marketing automation software.

Top 8 Reasons Why Email Marketing Should Be Your Priority

In the last two decades, many marketing mediums came and have left a mark among marketers. Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing from the digital era. Over the years, email marketing has evolved and stands tall among different digital marketing mediums. Email as plain text to email with GIFs, video, dynamic content, emoticons, and things that make it interactive shows email marketing evolution with technology advancement.

Top 15 ways to grow your email list

Email marketing is a beautiful medium to engage your audience at different stages of online email marketing. Like any other marketing medium, it has evolved over the years. This conventional marketing approach is as practical as other marketing mediums and, stats say, more effective than other mediums.

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