Top 10 websites that help you find Gadgets and Gizmos in India

Top 10 websites that help you find Gadgets and Gizmos in India

Top Blogging Tools that will make your blog commercial successful.

Top Blogging Tools that will make your blog commercial successful.

Understand Nature of Business Before You Start Internet Marketing

You need to understand the “Nature of Business” of the website before you start committing a result. By understanding, I mean what this website is all about. To achieve a particular outcome, we all need a feasible strategy that works. You can’t set unexpected results. Any mark you set to achieve without looking at the website’s data, there is a higher chance you will fall flat. There are certain things that you will understand in the course of the promotion.

Five significant reasons you should invest in Pay Per Click Advertising.

Organic growth takes time. The best practice is to organically improve your website's performance and run a paid campaign simultaneously if you have started your business. The old website owner should also give pay-per-click advertising a try. There are pros and cons to all advertising methods. In the following paragraph, you will know why you should invest in pay-per-click advertising.

Infographics Submission Sites list

There are different methods by which we can create backlink for websites. Submission of infographics is also one among those different methods. Infographic is information in graphic format. Most of the infographics we find are stats on some topics. Before you create an infographic, you must have all the information. You just need to pass this information to your graphic designer.

How does interactive content help in conversion?

There was a time when landing page or a simple website forms helped in conversion. These methodologies are still active but not as effective as interactive content. So, what exactly is interactive content? Interactive content is a type of material whose sole intention is to capture end-user attention. Unlike informative content, users are encouraged to take actions with the content. These actions give insight to the marketer and also help gather information.

Seo Services

We at Example offer effective, white hat and organic SEO Services to help you achieve optimal results in your SERPs. The world of SEO is always changing, as search engines keep upgrading their algorithms. We provide you SEO strategies which are most likely to remain relevant in the long term. We follow a comprehensive approach to SEO, covering all aspects of your online presence to help drive highest-possible internet traffic.

Increase Engagement on website with Email Marketing

As a marketer, you keep looking for an option for driving traffic to the website. There are multiple marketing mediums to grow visitors to the website. But increasing website visitors will not help your business if those visitors don't engage with your website. The thing is that the audience's attention span has decreased, so you need multiple ways to target and retarget your target audience. There is one effective marketing medium, email marketing, that lets you create a marketing funnel to engage your audience at different stages.

Use Robots txt in Best Way Possible

Do you know what any search bot looks for when it crawls you website. It is robots.txt file. This is one of the important file in your root folder which you can not ignore. It gives signal to search engine what to index and what not. It is advised to all webmasters to take note of this file before you start documenting about website. We all know, how web design, development and SEO go hand in hand.

How CTR, page views and bounce rate can improve your conversion rate

The purpose of online presence is to increase revenue for your business. If you are not getting business through your online presence, it simply means you have challenges to conquer. There are various things that you need to take care of generating business from online sales. Only a good ranking in the search engine does not give your business a sales boost. It only drives traffic to your website. But after a certain amount of time you lose this presence automatically (Google consider bounce rate too as ranking factor you will read it later in the post.)

How to optimize your PPC campaign and improve lead generation?

Starting paid advertising on Google ads is not an arduous task, but generating leads regularly from paid advertising requires an immaculate execution of a well-planned strategy. Therefore, you will have to monitor and optimize the process periodically but not in haste. Once you follow the process, your spending on pay-per-click advertising will be worthy. Google keeps coming up with the new feature now and then; however, I have listed a few everyday things that will help you optimize the campaign.

A tool for improving website online presence

A business that wants an online presence must have a clear marketing strategy to promote its website. However, the competition is there, so you should stand out to survive. Website promotion requires much work. While promoting a website, we do the job. A tool helps us find the missing part and the mistakes we make while promoting the website. In this blog post, I review Semrush and share how it will help you improve your online business presence.

Google Search Console Guide for Beginners

Google Search Console is a bundle of tools designed to help web developers, owners, designers, marketers, and SEOs to monitor their site performance in search results. It is a free tool that gives an idea of how Google views your website. If necessary, you can optimize your site's organic presence.

Best Chrome extensions for online marketer

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