Free Business Listing Sites Ė Submit and Attract New Prospects

Below mentioned websites are popular in USA. These are free business listing sites. Once you list your business in these sites, you have higher chance of getting new prospects from your vicinity. To list in these website, you need an email address and physical address ready. You can also list your business in these sites even if you donít have a website.

Tips to Take Advantage Of Internet Marketing

Accessing the internet is now easy as smartphone has become hand held object. Now everyone own a smartphone. Most of the time people are active on internet.

How can you become rich by saving money from an average salary?

Honestly, I donít have a fixed definition of decadent. A guy like me who is earning around 6 Lakh per annum will get one crore. I will consider myself rich because thatís a hell of a lot of money. With the current pay scale, I will have to wait for close to 17 years to earn that money.

How safe is my money in mutual funds, and how much return should I expect?

We all want to grow money by saving or investing. Most of the saving methods donít yield much return.

How to track a customerís journey to improve marketing and revenue?

One common mistake in online marketing is that we do different things to increase the number of visitors and do little things to improve the experience of those visitors. A marketer's job doesn't end with driving visitors to the website. So you need to look at different things to engage visitors. One vital thing that you should not ignore is how visitors navigate your website. You can convert your visitors into prospects when you know them.

Tools for successful paid marketing to grow your business

Paid marketing is one pillar of all your digital marketing activities. Ignoring it is like missing out on opportunities. Multiple tools can help accelerate your paid marketing to increase the business manifold. This article lists tools for paid marketing that will help you in different types of paid marketing. However, before you read about tools, it is better to understand paid marketing briefly.

Customer Churn Rate a Crucial Metric For Growth of SaaS Company

Keeping track of metrics is essential for the growth of a SaaS-based business. So marketers must pay attention to such crucial metrics as customer churn rate. It shows the number of customers you are losing.

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