Chrome Extensions for Web Developers to Boost Productivity & Efficiency


As a web developer, you're often tasked with juggling multiple tasks at the same time. You need to be able to stay organized, efficient, and productive to get the job done. Luckily, Chrome has plenty of extensions to help you do that! Read on to see Chrome extensions for web developers that will boost your productivity and efficiency.



If you're a web developer, then you know how important it is to be productive and efficient. The right tools can make all the difference.

And that's where Chrome extensions come in. There are a ton of great Chrome extensions for web developers out there. But which ones are the best?

In this article, we'll share our top picks for the best Chrome extensions for web developers. These extensions will help you boost your productivity and efficiency while working on your web development projects.

So without further ado, let's get started!

What are Chrome Extensions?

Chrome extensions are small tools that add new features to your web browser or modify the functionality of existing websites. There are extensions for various purposes, including productivity, efficiency, and security.

Web developers can find a number of helpful extensions that can boost their productivity and efficiency. Extensions such as uBlock Origin can block ads and other unwanted content from loading, while others like LastPass can help manage passwords and login information. There are also extensions that can help with code editing, debugging, and testing.

Choosing the right chrome extension can make a big difference in your workflow. Be sure to research to find the ones that best fit your needs.

Benefits of Using Chrome Extensions as a Web Developer

There are many benefits of using Chrome extensions as a web developer. Extensions can speed up your workflow, help you stay organized, and make you more productive.

Here are some of the best Chrome extensions for web developers:


Evernote Web Clipper

This extension allows you to save web pages and articles to your Evernote account for later reference. It’s a great way to keep track of research or resources you need to use later.

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Web Developer Toolbox

This extension provides a toolbar with various tools for web developers, including an HTML/CSS validator, an SEO analyzer, a spell checker, and more.


colorzilla extension provides advanced colour picking capabilities, including the ability to grab colours from any webpage and generate CSS gradients.


This extension lets you quickly change the CSS styles of any webpage to match your preferences. It's great for experimentation or simply customizing the look of your favorite websites.


This powerful password management tool can help boost your productivity and efficiency when working with web applications. It allows you to store all your passwords in one secure location and then access them quickly and easily with a single master password. It also includes features such as password sharing, two-factor authentication, and more.


This extension replaces your new tab page with a personalised dashboard that helps you stay focused on your goals. It shows you the time, weather, motivational quotes, and your to-do list. You can also add links to your most frequently used websites to access them quickly.

JSON viewer

If you're like me, you occasionally need to view JSON files. But viewing JSON files in your browser can be a pain. That's where the JSON Viewer chrome extension comes in. This extension allows you to view JSON files in your browser with ease. Simply install the extension and navigate to the file you want to view. The extension will do the rest. The JSON Viewer chrome extension is free and easy to use. So if you're looking for an easy way to view JSON files in your browser, this is the extension for you.


Wappalyzer is a fantastic extension that gives you insights into website technology. It's great for web developers and testers who want to know what's powering a site, and it can also be useful for curious users who want to learn more about the inner workings of the web.

AMP Validator

The AMP Validator is a great way to check your AMP pages for errors. It's a free extension for Google Chrome and very easy to use. Simply open the extension and enter the page URL you want to check. The AMP Validator will then scan the page and highlight any errors. You can then fix the errors and re-check the page until it passes validation. This is an essential tool for anyone who wants to create valid AMP pages.

Clear Cache

If you're looking for a way to clear your cache quickly and easily, then you need a cache-clearing extension for Chrome. There are a ton of different extensions out there that can do the job, but we've found that the Clear Cache Chrome Extension is one of the best. It's simple to use and does a great job of clearing your cache with just a few clicks. Plus, it's free! So if you're looking for an easy way to clear your cache, this is the extension.


If you're looking for a password manager that integrates seamlessly with Chrome, LastPass is a great option. The LastPass extension for Chrome makes it easy to save and access your passwords, and it's one of the most popular password managers. LastPass can generate strong passwords for you, and it has a built-in password strength checker so you can ensure your passwords are strong. You can also use LastPass to securely fill in online forms and store notes.

Web developer tool

This is packed with features that will make your life easier. For starters, it lets you quickly and easily view source code. This is incredibly handy when you're trying to debug a problem or track down an error. It also has a built-in CSS editor, which is invaluable when you're working on styling a website. And if that wasn't enough, web developer tool, It also has a host of other features like a JavaScript console, image previewer, and more.

How to install chrome extension

Assuming you already have Google Chrome installed on your computer, follow these steps to install a Chrome extension:

  • Visit the Chrome Web Store.
  • Find and select the extension you want to install. Extensions that are popular and well-rated are usually listed near the top of the page.
  • Click "Add to Chrome." If prompted, review the permissions that the extension will be granted then click "Add extension."
  • The extension will now be installed and accessible from the chrome://extensions page or from the toolbar menu (usually three dots in the upper right corner of the browser).


We hope that this article has helped you discover some of the essential Chrome extensions for a supercharged browsing experience. With these 20 must-have Chrome extensions, you can easily customize your browser and make it work just the way you want it to. Whether you're looking for convenience, speed or security, there's an extension out there that will help you get the most out of your browser. So go ahead and install them today - we guarantee they'll make life that much easier!

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