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A business that wants an online presence must have a clear marketing strategy to promote its website. However, the competition is there, so you should stand out to survive. Website promotion requires much work. While promoting a website, we do the job. A tool helps us find the missing part and the mistakes we make while promoting the website. In this blog post, I review Semrush and share how it will help you improve your online business presence.


Here is how Semrush helps your website improve online visibility.


Know what your competitors are doing.

If you dig enough, you can see your competitor's actions in the domain overview section.

Essential metrics like the number of visitors from different sources help you understand the scale of traffic you can drive in your business vertical.

You get to see keywords on which you rank and in what position. It also shows your competitor's organic visibility on different keywords.

The keyword gap lets you know the overlapping and missing keywords on which your competitors rank. Similarly, the backlink gap shows you the opportunity to link outreach. However, there is a separate section to analyze backlinks. Please check the below image to see more information. In addition, Semrush has a bundle of features to stay beside your competitors.

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PPC Advertising

The Advertising Research section has all the information about paid marketing. First, you will have a list of keywords. Checking competitor's keywords is on click, and you will see the similar keywords on which your competitors are also running the paid campaign.

If you have an online store, running shopping ads are essential to your targeted audience. In the PLA research section, you see information like different keywords that trigger the product ads. Then, based on your competitor's data, you have the insight to create a strategy for your eCommerce store.

Social Media

Connect all the social media channels with your Semrush account. Then, you can create posts and schedule them for all social platforms at once. Likewise, you can also see the performance of all your social media in one place.

Content Marketing

Online business thrives on quality content. Therefore Semrush has the feature where you can research your niche subject. The topic research shows what there and the sub-topics with the volume and difficulty of the keyword is. Moreover, SEO content templates offer you the ranking URL, the information like related words, and the average length of the article, which is in the top rank.

The writing assistant from Semrush checks the readability, SEO things, and originality of the article. To know the buzz of your brand, you can monitor it. Brand monitoring is a good feature to know live brand mentions of your brand on different social platforms and other websites.

SEO Audit with Semrus

You get a detailed technical SEO report after doing a website audit from Semrush.

If you look at the image attached above, you will have a fair idea of how detailed the report is. However, this website has a lot to improve for a health score of around seventy. You get most of the information from the on-page thing, like missing titles, descriptions, duplicate content, heavy HTML causing the page's slow speed, etc. In addition, you get all the technical issues of the website.

Omnisend provides detailed segmentation that enables the user to split their lists along a host of lines that includes:


Semrush is an excellent tool for small businesses, enterprises, or agencies. However, there are pros and cons, but overall you will have a satisfactory result. In addition, you can create a free trial account and experience the features on your own. You have thirty days window to upgrade your account.

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