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Paid marketing is one pillar of all your digital marketing activities. Ignoring it is like missing out on opportunities. Multiple tools can help accelerate your paid marketing to increase the business manifold.


This article lists tools for paid marketing that will help you in different types of paid marketing. However, before you read about tools, it is better to understand paid marketing briefly. If you are paying for a space in the online arena, consider paid marketing. You let the audience know about your product.

You don't wait for your audience to reach your business organically. For example, sponsored articles, PR, Google Ads, and social media.

Google Ads

Most marketers use Google ads, a free tool, for researching keywords. With all the platforms that Google owns, targeting the audience on those platforms is possible with Google ads. However, there is no subscription fee for using this platform. You can create an ad campaign and run it on different mediums like Google search result, Youtube, or android application that offers ads. A small shop whose business runs in the vicinity can also use this platform and get more footfalls. You get charged when someone engages with your advertisement.

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People from different roles in digital marketing can leverage the Semrush tool. Suppose you are into content marketing and want to know websites where your competitor's brand mentions and publishes paid content. In that case, this tool can help you—an excellent tool for marketers to know keywords that will yield a good engagement on the website. Analyzing your competitor's Google ads is one click thing in Semrush. The pricing of Semrush fits small businesses to enterprises. Semrush is a must-have tool for a digital marketing agency. To know more about Semrush features, read a detailed review of Semrush.

Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing is a tested method with a significant investment return. However, you can do it only when you have an email list. You should grow your email list with a different approach if you have a website. Sending personalized emails to your audience helps you create a bond. Many popular email marketing service providers are there with some great features.

Email marketing automation allows you to interact with your audience based on engagement with your email campaigns. Nurturing helps convert your lead into prospects. For example, an email drip campaign lets you educate your prospects about your business.

I have listed several email marketing automation tools that will grow your business if appropriately practiced. You can create a free trial account on these below email marketing companies and check the available features.

  • Benchmark Email
  • Aweber Email
  • ConvertKit Email

Landing Page Creator

After interacting with the ads, a landing page is the first thing your targeted audience sees. So a landing page is one of the most crucial things that play a role in your paid marketing success. Ideally, it is any page where the audience lands, but in website marketing, it is a separate page designed for a particular marketing goal, such as lead generation. Therefore, a best practice is to have a landing page for each campaign you run for your website. You should know that the more relevant the landing page, the better your Google ads performance. Unbounce is a popular platform for creating landing pages. In addition, most email marketing companies have features to build a landing page.

Social Media Managing Tools

There are different social platforms, and your brand needs to have a presence on all social platforms. It becomes challenging to manage notifications, brand mentions, or interactions with the audience. Therefore you need a tool that can schedule your post to have time for other work. The first advantage of using social media managing tools is that you can manage all your social profiles in one place. With tools like SocialFlow, you don't need to worry about scheduling. They do it in real-time and publish the post when you can get a better engagement. Therefore, you shall be able to manage social media paid marketing better with tools. Below I listed tools that will yield a good result for your business.

Sponsored Post

It is no tool. But, a marketer should add sponsored advertisements to their paid marketing activity. Creating an online audience takes time. A sponsored post gives you a better reach and helps you build an online audience quickly. In addition, it would help if you collaborated with influencers from your business niche and created content. Influencers have a vast following if they write for you on their timeline. You will get a brand mention and a buzz. Finally, posting articles on high-traffic websites should also be your priority—however, not all website charge for a guest post.

Suppose you are not comfortable writing. Then hiring a professional writer and publishing the article is advisable because there is a criterion for websites accepting articles. Suppose your company comes with a new feature. Could you write a press release on that?


It doesn't matter how good your process is on paper. You will never know unless you implement the system. The tools mentioned above help you channel your work and execute your strategy. Starting a paid campaign is the first step. It would help if you noted multiple things to succeed in paid marketing.

A tool enables you to run the process with ease. However, a tool alone doesn't guarantee successful paid marketing. Paid marketing success depends on many things. One such thing is How you use the insights you will have from the tools. The thumb rule is to monitor the progress frequently. Then, whenever data suggests any change, make the necessary changes.

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