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Chrome extensions are essential for digital marketers. They provide marketers with a powerful way to boost their productivity and give you the ease of doing online marketing work. A Chrome extension for digital marketing can help marketers quickly access and manage many important things for marketing. For example, Metrics like website visitors, checking the website's domain authority, creating a tiny URL, etc.


Chrome web browser allows digital marketers to work smartly. However, there are tons of chrome extensions out there. We are listing some crucial extensions that will help you improve your productivity.



Content is a pillar of online marketing. Whether you are a social media marketer or a content manager, this tool is for you. Grammarly improves your writing by minimizing errors. It is also good to use to check spelling errors.

Important Note: Most software and available tools have created their chrome extension to give you feature in your browser. Using it certainly give you an ease of work.

You might like this:

  • Structure your content
  • Suggestions for concise writing
  • Suggest you synonyms
  • You can check for plagiarism


Searching websites from niche or competitor's websites is one heck of a task for digital marketers. SimilarWeb makes this task easier. Once added, with a single click, you have information to help you strategize your promotional effort for the website. Regular updates about your competitors will help you improvise your promotional strategy.

What We Like About It

Instantly, you will know the number of website visitors and visitors' locations. The traffic sources like the website visit from referrals, direct, organic, or paid mediums are also available.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Improving the website's performance depends on the error you know. Ahrefs chrome toolbar lets you know about the on-page status of the website. Such as title and description, headers, and subheaders.

If you have paid subscription to Ahrefs, you get access to Ahrefs metrics.

Information on indexability issues is also there. It can identify external and internal links. You can also know the no-follow and follow links of a particular domain. This toolbar gives all the top-ranking signals that will help you improve the SEO of your website.


If you do SEO, this SEOquake is a must-have tool for you. Adding this from the chrome browser will give you many crucial SEO metrics. You can see significant metrics like traffic, backlinks, etc. It also allows you to run a basic SEO audit, and the report includes keyword density and external and internal links. The best part of this extension is it is frequently updated.


Marketers are already promoting their content on different social platforms. However, managing social media is a challenging task. Because there is more to it than posting, with Buffer, You can schedule posts and check engagement, and chrome extensions integrate with websites, making sharing content relatively quickly.


Sometimes, telling your colleague or client about a bug or something becomes difficult. A screenshot or screen recorder comes to the rescue in that situation. Scrnli is among many screen recorder tools available on the chrome web store. You can easily capture screens and customize screenshots with text or drawing lines. You can convert the screenshot into a link or save it as a photo to share it. A content creator can also consider this tool because recording a screen is possible, and you can have it in different formats.


Email is a preferred medium of communication for most working professionals. It becomes frustrating if you don't get a revert to your email. So Most marketers would agree that Mailtrack is a vital tool. You know how your email has been handled. Accordingly, you can further approach. Mailtrack is GDPR compliant, so you don’t need to worry.

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